Things you did not know about basket making

Made from the most ancient times, first in Egypt and later all over the world, baskets are useful and beautiful. They can make our life easier and more organized. Today, there are thousands of techniques of basket making as they can be done out of willow just like the most ancient ones or from paper, wood or plastic. If you are interested in learning more about baskets, you can choose one of the many workshops dedicated to basket making.

Although the process might seem easy, the basket making is quite complicated requiring full attention to details, a lot of practice and good materials. Considering the material they are made of, there are many types of baskets. And to give only a few examples, coiled basketry which uses grasses for its manufacture, plaiting basketry made of palms or yucca and wicker basketry made of willow which is actually the most known around the world. To the materials we add many techniques of weaving that depend on the utility of the future basket, but most of them start with creating a strong base and continuing with its shape.

If in the ancient times, the basketry had a powerful spiritual signification, today the basketry has become more and more anchored in creating a utility and a nice design. Some unusual types of baskets are those serving as boats, fence or even shelters, for which different techniques based on knots are applied to strengthen their resistance to water. However, the main focus stays on well-designed baskets which can be used to store fruits, vegetables or any personal objects.

Basketry remains an important chapter in the history of humanity which has been constantly improved over the years. People became interested in learning it due to its important utility as the materials used are biodegradable, so they can avoid harming the environment.